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Brake Repairs & Auto Maintenance in Keaau, HI

Jay’s Auto Repair is only as good as the car repair services we offer to the Keaau, HI, residents that trust us with their vehicle. We have nearly two decades in business, and all of our repair and tune-up services are performed by ASE-certified mechanics who are also licensed by the State of Hawaii, giving you peace of mind. 

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Air Conditioning Repair

The climate of Hawaii, while often beautiful and enjoyable, is just as often brutal and unforgiving. Having the air conditioning go out in your daily driver can be annoying, or even dangerous, depending on the levels of heat and humidity. Our team at Jay’s Auto Repair is the master in air conditioning repair and maintenance, in addition to our other car repair services. Whether you need a whole new compressor or just a recharge, we’ll help.

Brakes, Steering, & Suspension

One of our greatest specialties at Jay’s Auto Repair is dealing with anything in and around the wheel well. From brake repairs to suspension calibrations and steering maintenance, we’ll make sure your car is always going where you want it to, as fast or as slow as you would like. These systems, often overlooked, are some of the most important on your vehicle, as they are your main tools for control. Turn to us for maintenance and repairs. 

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Computer-Controlled Systems Repair

Going beyond traditional car repairs, we’re also specialists in electrical-related repairs and computer control engine diagnostic repairs. Using the same computer diagnostic tools we use for our other repairs, we can quickly identify and solve problems with your vehicle’s newer electronic or computerized systems. 

man fixing car
man fixing car

Call Today for Affordable Repairs

With an hourly labor rate for repairs and diagnostics of only $100 an hour, we always work hard to ensure your repairs are affordable and complete. Plus, as part of our commitment to quality, we use products from industry-leading brands, such as BG® and Carquest®, to ensure lasting results. Call Jay’s Auto Repair today to schedule an appointment for the car repairs your vehicle needs.